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Personalized baby clothing will make your baby instantly recognizable, giving him or her a touch of personality. If you're not sure what kind of baby clothing to pick out, we have a large selection of personalized baby bibs and blankets. Also, personalized keepsakes also make a great one of a kind gift for a new baby. If you have a new baby on the way and want to make your little one feel proud to be an older sibling, consider our adorable collection of personalized big sister and big brother gifts too. Multiples on the way? No problem. Themed layette sets are a perfect gift for overwhelmed parents. Give them a gift set and it's one less thing a tired, mom or dad has to worry about. Whatever the case may be, a new baby or babies are a joy for all and at CINCO DA MAMA, we are here to personalize your joy and make it special and unique FOR YOU!



A staple in any baby's wardrobe! Express your baby's individuality (and yours too!) with a personalized onesie. Click the button for options, details and ordering.


Keep baby warm and cute in these personalized beanie hats. Your choice of color design

and style. Click on the button for options, details and ordering. 

Burp Clothes & Bibs

The most useful of gifts. Why not be stylish with those baby clothes what will get 

the most use. Click on the button for options, details and ordering.

Layette Sets

Going in as a group? Special friend? Multiples? You just can't decide?

Opt for a layette set where you can pick your items 'ala carte'.

You can pick as many or as few items as you wish and your gift will come wrapped and ready to go.  Click on the button for options, details and ordering. 

Family Gifts


A baby is a gift for the whole family, so why not celebrate as one? From the big brother or sister, a new mom or dad or grandma and grandpa, memoralizing this special moment with a one of a kind gift is a special way to let someone know that thery aren't forgotten and mean as much to you as the new bundle of joy.  Click on the button for options, details and ordering. 



Baby Rosh Hashana Set
Holidays and Special Occasions


With new baby comes new milestones and babies and toddlers should be dressed to meet the occasion.  From Circumcisions to Baby's holiday firsts, let CINCO DA MAMA set your baby up with the perfect outfit to memorialize your baby's 'firsts'.  Click on the button for options, details and ordering. 



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