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MAZAL TOV! Your child is about to receive a siddur! What a wonderful milestone to reach!  CINCO DA MAMA is here to help you in your celebration and creation of your child's siddur cover.


The process is simple, We can work over the phone or via email.  We are here to accommodate your schedule while making your child's siddur cover process a fun and exciting memory for you to share with each other!


First, discuss with your child what they want to have on their cover. You might want to pick a Jewish motif or a specific sport or hobby.  You may choose a holiday design that coincides with your child's birthday or biblical namesake.  Another option is to use the translation of their Hebrew name into a design. Don't worry if you don't know the exact translation. We usually do.  If your family comes from a multi-cultural background, we can incorporate that into your siddur cover too!  There are no limits to what we can do!


Once the design is chosen, you will receive a 'mock-up' for your approval and go-ahead. We take it from there.  The process is meant to be simple but interactive for you and your child so you both have an integral role in its creation.  If you are time bound - we understand.  We can work on your schedule with as much or as little input from you as you would like. Our main goal is to help those that are limited by time with the perfect gift. So not to worry. We are here to relieve the pressure on you. Holding hands is a big part of what we do!


Basic siddur covers start at $100 which include a highly durable and washer friendly fabric in your choice of colors.  You also get your choice of design on the cover with the child's name in Hebrew or English on the front and side of the cover. Additional designs on the back cover is an additional $50.  Kippah pockets, inscriptions, and bookmarks, matching kippot and plastic protective covers are available at an additional cost.


One again, mazal tov on this wonderful and momentous occasion and remember CINCO DA MAMA for all your gift-giving moments.


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